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As I use Google Chrome as my default browser nowadays, I don’t currently have access to greasemonkey (userscripts are coming in 2.0 though :)) and therefore I can’t use my hosted wordpress social bookmarks greasemonkey script. For this reason (and for others who don’t use firefox*), I’ve knocked up a bookmarklet version of the script.

Given that it’s really diffcult to format code correctly in here, I’ll just point you to it as a file.  Just grab the file and and copy the contents as the location of a bookmark (preferably one on you bookmarks bar so you have easy access to it).  Then, whenever you’re on the add or edit post pages in your wordpress admin, you can click the link to add in the nifty “Social Bookmarks” section as if you were using the greasemonkey version.


*Apart from those using IE as it seems to truncate all bookmarks longer than a predetermined max… what a PITA.

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