Make Google Chrome your default browser in Vista

If you (like me) have tried clicking ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’ in options > basic with no result, you’re probably as frustrated as I was.

If you’re running Vista, it’s simply a privileges issue, you need to –

  • Close Chrome
  • Right click the Chrome shortcut and select ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Accept the warning about running as administrator
  • Go to options > basic (as before)
  • Press the ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’ button

This time it should work 🙂

You can now close the browser as administrator and launch it again with your normal user credentials.

On a side note, if you are having trouble making Skype aware of Opera as your default browser, this may help.

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17 Responses to “Make Google Chrome your default browser in Vista”

  1. sarsen56 Says:

    Vista AND Chrome…owch! I’m happy with XP and Firefox thanks…

  2. osblues Says:

    Tony, I wasn’t claiming Vista and Chrome is the best OS/Browser combination in the world, just posting a solution to a somewhat common issue people are having.

    Each to their own 😉

    I still use Firefox, it’s a great browser, but for me it’s spiralling memory issues after prolonged use makes my blood boil.

  3. Baz Says:

    Well I personally appreciate the info, it was killing me and I couldn’t figure out what to do – thanks!

    P.S. Vista/Chrome is an amazing combo! Everyone knocks Vista but if you are lucky enough to get all the drivers working it’s actually a very good OS.

  4. Blokesbags Says:

    For what it is worth – that didn’t work for me, but what did was:
    go into programmes, find Google Chrome open and then right click and run as administrator. That worked, but wouldn’t work on the shortcut.
    Thanks tho’ you got me looking in generally the right direction!

  5. osblues Says:

    Thanks David, that may well help someone else 🙂

    Not quite sure why it didn’t work on the shortcut though, strange.

  6. jemar Says:

    thanku i was about to through this computer out the belcony and burn it oviosly vista has some problems exepting somone dosnt want to use ie8

  7. Chirp A Lot Says:

    You were a lot of help. Thank you.

    As for Google Chrome – I love it so far. It takes care of my needs, which aren’t the most complex but…

  8. toddh Says:

    You are the best! Thanks for the info.

  9. Chin-Chang Yang Says:

    Thank you. Your info is useful.

  10. jayclaire Says:

    thanks much. been struggling to figure this out. chrome is so much faster than any other browser. I’m a convert

  11. Zamato Says:

    Great post. This is a very easy way to fix the annoying Chrome-Vista problem.

    I personally like Chrome more then Firefox.

  12. Hosted wordpress social bookmarks bookmarklet « OSBlues Says:

    […] wordpress social bookmarks bookmarklet As I use Google Chrome as my default browser nowadays, I don’t currently have access to greasemonkey (userscripts are coming in 2.0 though […]

  13. Sushie Says:

    Thanks so much!:D

  14. Ram Says: worked..Thanks 🙂

  15. Charles Says:

    Thanks.. It worked for me as well!

  16. Brandon Says:

    I had the same problem except I am using the beta of windows 7. Your fix helped, thanks

  17. osblues Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on that one Brandon. I actually have Windows 7 installed dual boot on my laptop but haven’t tried to install Chrome on it. I really need to boot into more often and have a proper play with Windows 7.

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