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Earlier today, I realised I was missing out an all the social media hoohah by not having nice links at the bottom of my posts. You know the ones, add to this, post to that, etc.

So, I googled for something to achieve this (on rather than self-hosted) and came across a pretty nifty solution here. This involves keeping a template file and fiddling about doing a search and replace in a text editor and pasting the result back in to your post. You obviously have to remember to do this for each post you write. Although this is a perfectly good solution, I’m a bit lazy and thought I’d see if I could come up with something a bit quicker.

I decided to see if I could use a GreaseMonkey script to do it. After much fiddling, I’ve come up with this

Social Bookmarks Preview

My script inserts an extra section between the post body and the tags section. When you click the heading it generates a block of HTML using Archgfx’s template mentioned earlier.

Social Bookmarks in hosted wordpress

You can then click in the newly inserted textarea, copy the code and paste it in to your post (HTML view, add to the bottom of your post).

This is the first GreaseMonkey script that I’ve written so it’s not going to be that ‘elegant’, suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

I plan to make improvements to it when I get a chance so keep an eye out here for updates.

You can grab the script here (you’ll obviously need to install GreaseMonkey to use it!)

I’d like to get it to insert the code directly in to the textarea, but my knowledge of hacking tinyMCE is pretty much non-existent.

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