A New Corp in EvE

Adam and I both play Eve and he has offered me the opportunity to make a proposal on his BLOG so here goes…


I want to start a corp that does a couple of things…

1) Makes Money; the backbone of any corp
2) Fights Piracy! I hate them, you hate them, Lets get ’em!
3) Offers Support to other Corps FOR FREE collecting donations when we help. A charitable merc corp.
4) Control a sector of space open to all players except pirates

To do this the corp would need a sizable member count split into seperate divisions:

1) Management Division; Communications. Maintaining corp website and Forum. Setting weekly goals and organising events.
2) Fighter Division. Does exacly what is says on the tin!
3) Logistics Division; Covert-Ops, Mining, POS Management, Hauling and Blockade Running
4) Production Division; Researching BPO’s and Building products for corp members and to be sold.

The corp will buy mins from players at 75% of current market value, enabling you to make money while providing the corp with profit to support you.

Other payout will be made to players on achieving goals. For Example: Mission to mine 150 ice for the POS given to Logistics Division and a reward of 5 Million isk split between all involved parties. Players post in Forum what contribution they made to the mission, signed off my Managers and isk distributed fairly.

The main objective is to have fun and I want the corp to provide something for everyone while working towards the same target. There will be battle tournaments, combat training and lots of support for new players in the form of ships, skills and training.

Co-ordination is the key
I got fed up of my old corp due to very little interaction with other players. This corps website will contain a monthly timetable so players can see whats happening when and tell others when they are available to help out.

Let me know your thoughts.

3 Responses to “A New Corp in EvE”

  1. Adam Says:

    Dave has now created the Corp (Omni Pax Co).

    Details here –

  2. Erik D Says:

    I like your thinking, thats why I want to help

  3. CobrynHador Says:

    Hi Dave, I’ve just started playing eve and I like your idea. It needs to gather trust from members so you can rely on them, but I’ve seen some good deeds done around and think this is where I would like to be.

    I’m currently learning skills at the moment and interested in mining and trading or anything where planning and organising is needed. Not so hot on fighting 😦 and I don’t want to get podded.

    Let me know how things are going and I would like to chat some more.


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