Google OS?

An interesting article on why Google should create a thin client OS and whether they might be already doing so.. The Good-bye, computer; hello, world!

First Podding

Well today it finally happened, I got podded!

It was my own stupid fault for thinking I could help out on level 4 missions when I can only run level 1’s on my own.

Instead of waiting for Lan to give the all clear to fire, I targeted a drone as soon as I jumped in and suddenly they all targeted me. The first hit for about 150 was enough to make me realise I was out of my depth but unfortunately I couldn’t warp out quick enough so lost my trusty Vexor 😦

I’m more annoyed at losing the equipment that I had in the ship really. The corp are going to build my another ship which is more than kind as it wasn’t in any way their fault, just my own naivety… Thanks guys!

Teen reporter pays price for Apple coverage

This is what you get for being an Apple fan 😦
Teen reporter pays price for Apple coverage

Clutching at costs

Well I think I’m pretty much resigned to the fact now that I’ll just have to bite the bullet and replace the clutch. Therefore I’m thinking about removing the Squadra chip, reinstalling the original chip and possibly even selling the Squadra 😦 Selling it would raise a bit of cash towards all the things that need sorting on the coup which would then give me the opportunity to make sure everything is all OK before looking at mods (which is probably what I should have done to start with).


I’m now extremely confused about what to do… The clutch is still slipping at higher revs which could mean –

  1. The clutch is on it’s way out. bye bye 500 quid
  2. The new squadra chip is overboosting and no clutch could withstand it

As I don’t have a boost gauge I don’t know how much boost I am getting and thus whether this is dangerous overboost or whether this is ‘normal’ and my clutch is indeed too worn to handle the extra power.

So, what do I do? I have the car booked it for an MOT in a few weeks which unless anything changes between now and then I will get Iceberg to hook up a temporary boost gauge and see what’s going in with the boost levels. Iceberg is happy to do this and fit a boost controller (PRV) if it’s overboost causing the slippage.

I have contacted Stephan at Squadra Tuning and he says the clutch is at obviously too worn and needs replacing. He also strongly advises against fitting a boost controller as this would make the chip 70% useless 😦

I am keen to keep this clutch if it’s good for a bit longer but at ‘slightly’ reduced performance, but not keen to reduce the boost heavily and basically have the performance I had before!

Apparently you can fit a PRV as an overboost protector only, fitting in parallel with the EBV and this might prove the best way, then when I can afford to replace the clutch I could set this to a less reserved setting.

Still really confused by all this..