I’m now extremely confused about what to do… The clutch is still slipping at higher revs which could mean –

  1. The clutch is on it’s way out. bye bye 500 quid
  2. The new squadra chip is overboosting and no clutch could withstand it

As I don’t have a boost gauge I don’t know how much boost I am getting and thus whether this is dangerous overboost or whether this is ‘normal’ and my clutch is indeed too worn to handle the extra power.

So, what do I do? I have the car booked it for an MOT in a few weeks which unless anything changes between now and then I will get Iceberg to hook up a temporary boost gauge and see what’s going in with the boost levels. Iceberg is happy to do this and fit a boost controller (PRV) if it’s overboost causing the slippage.

I have contacted Stephan at Squadra Tuning and he says the clutch is at obviously too worn and needs replacing. He also strongly advises against fitting a boost controller as this would make the chip 70% useless 😦

I am keen to keep this clutch if it’s good for a bit longer but at ‘slightly’ reduced performance, but not keen to reduce the boost heavily and basically have the performance I had before!

Apparently you can fit a PRV as an overboost protector only, fitting in parallel with the EBV and this might prove the best way, then when I can afford to replace the clutch I could set this to a less reserved setting.

Still really confused by all this..

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