Clutch slipping?

Just my luck, it looks like fitting the Squadra has highlighted how close to end of life my clutch is! I can’t be 100% certain but it feels like my clutch is now slipping when I accelerate hard 😦 This is not great news as a new clutch is going to be biggest part of 500. I still don’t know if my manifold needs replacing too as that is blowing slightly.. hopefully that is just the gasket.

I serviced the car last week, taxed it yesterday, need an MOT and insurance within a month and now probably a new clutch..

Goodbye spare money for a few months!

Apache2 and mod_rewrite on Windows

After much googling I finally found this which details configuring mod_rewrite under windows which other sites seemed to think you can’t do. For me it all boiled down to the Options line in the directory section of httpd.conf, YMMV..

This does however mean that I’ve probably got broken links in now 😦 Ah well at least it’s working now!

Related Posts

I’ve just installed a wordpress related posts plugin which is rather neat. Any permalinks now contain a related posts section after the post.

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