DSPAM Appliance HowTo (kinda)

After much shouting and screaming, I finally got DSPAM up and running as an appliance (SMTP relay). I followed the step by step guide as mentioned in my previous post, but came across a few stumbling blocks along the way. By noting here what I did to get around them, I hope to reduce the amount hair-pulling required my others (and myself next time). I hope to get this written up as a proper howto, but for now it will be more of an amendments guide to the other guide.

Right, here we go 🙂

  1. After installing Postfix, you need to test that it’s starts correctly which mine didn’t. I realised that a default minimal install of FC4 installs sendmail and configures it to start. I, therefore simply used chkconfig to disable sendmail and Postfix was then able to start.
  2. I’m not using relay_recipients at all, I don’t think this is needed as the users are stored in the mysql table.
  3. I had to add all my domains to virtual_mailbox_domains (main.cf), the same ones that you put in transport. This actually throws up a warning in the maillog but it doesn’t seem to hurt.
  4. When creating the SSL certificate, the directories referred to weren’t present, so I had to create them (mkdir ssl.key, ssl.crt)
  5. I couldn’t get the first Perl GD module to compile without adding /usr/local/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and running ldconfig -v
  6. See the appliance doc at doc/appliance.txt with the DSPAM distribution for details on creating the users in the mysql database
  7. Start DSPAM with dspam –daemon [–debug]
  8. In order for the CGI to find the correct logs etc for users you need to symlink things as noted here

Other than that, it pretty much works! I can’t get the forward spam to work though, I think LMTP is not configured correctly.

I hope this helps.

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Building a DSPAM Relay (appliance)

I am currently trying to build an anti-spam relay server running postfix and DSPAM. The only step by step guide I can find is on the DSPAM wiki (Dspam With Postfix Relay Step By Step) which is based around Fedora 2 or 3. I am using FC4 for my server and have all the components now install, I just need to configure them! The only problem I’ve had so far is that postfix wouldn’t start as a minimal install of FC4 includes sendmail. Once I’d disabled sendmail via chkconfig, postfix was able to start.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions or links to other howtos/guides on setting up DSPAM in this way, please let me know. When I do get everything working, I’ll post any suggestions I have and let you know how well it all works 🙂

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