Building a DSPAM Relay (appliance)

I am currently trying to build an anti-spam relay server running postfix and DSPAM. The only step by step guide I can find is on the DSPAM wiki (Dspam With Postfix Relay Step By Step) which is based around Fedora 2 or 3. I am using FC4 for my server and have all the components now install, I just need to configure them! The only problem I’ve had so far is that postfix wouldn’t start as a minimal install of FC4 includes sendmail. Once I’d disabled sendmail via chkconfig, postfix was able to start.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions or links to other howtos/guides on setting up DSPAM in this way, please let me know. When I do get everything working, I’ll post any suggestions I have and let you know how well it all works 🙂

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