First thoughts of the Humax PVR-9200t

Not sure when it was released but I ordered the new Humax PVR-9200t as soon as I saw it was available. Now, I’ve been really impressed with my 8000t and looking forward to this new version but I have to say there are good things and bad things. I wont bother with quoting standard features as good things, just additionals that I/you wouldn’t necessarily know.

Firstly the good things –

  • EPG Guide now displays the currently watched program in preview picture (PIP kinda thing) with the audio
  • The display on the front of new box displays the currently viewed channel name rather than number, simple but very nice

Next the bad things –

  • The new remote is bulky and is cheap plastic
  • The new remote doesn’t control your TV anymore
  • There doesn’t appear to be a quick way to get to the recorded programs list now, there used to be an eject button, not anymore UPDATE: Found this now. Under the flap of the remote there is a button that resembles a list which actually takes you to the recorded programes list.. very unintuitive, but at least it’s there.

More to follow I suspect but I haven’t had a full play with it yet.

One last thing… I’ve now got about 60GB of programmes on my 8000t with no apparent way of getting it onto my 9200t, bummer 😦

Conditional JavaScript in ASP.Net

Now this is annoying me, I’m trying to take an existing classic ASP solution and convert it to ASP.Net 2.0 as a learning exercise. The problem is that I’m struggling to convert this –

<title>A Page</title>
<% if intCategoryID < 3 then %>
<script language="javaScript"
<% end if %>

So, I want to only include the JavaScript if a condition is met (in this case intCategoryID < 3). How do I achieve this in ASP.Net?? I have looked at an asp:literal tag to achieve this but Visual Web Developer suggests a literal cannot include child tags (the script tag itself). Can I add one programmatically from the codebehind?

I hope I can find a solution to this..

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