The website development process

Being an internet developer myself, I found this very amusing and rather cool The Website Development Process

It never seems to go that smoothly though 😉

GNOME Mockups

Originally discovered by carbon-12 on this Ubuntu Forum Post, Novell seem to have been playing with some new UI design ideas possibly for NLD10. The link there then got OSNews’d and subsequently has been secured by Novell. Thankfully somebody grabbed them 🙂

GNOME Mockups

My take.. most look really nice, later on they seem to be heavily influenced by Mezzo which isn’t a bad thing!

Hear me now

Some new features today prompted me to search out a WordPress Plugin for RSS. I settled for RSS Import in the end which although all the info is in German was pretty simple to setup. I now have my recent tracks displayed in the sidebar 🙂

Enjoy the extra knowledge you have about me.. 😛