Free Sudoku

I finally finished the free sudoku puzzle that we’ve been working on for our client. My business partner did all the complicated back-end stuff to generate new puzzles and I did some nifty JavaScript to make the UI kinda funky 🙂 The puzzle is fully interactive and each number added to the puzzle is checked against existing numbers with each error being visually highlighted. As you complete the puzzle a status area maintains a count of errors and cells left to fill in. As solving a sudoku puzzle often requires making notes on the grid to record possibilities, an additional working grid can be slid out beneath to help you along your way. When the puzzle is complete and no errors exist, an option to check the solution becomes available, this actually triggers an AJAX request to double check your solution. On completion you can then send your score to your friends and challenge them to beat you 🙂

Anyway, it took me ages so let me know what you think!

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