Well, the last couple of days have been pretty hectic getting the kitchen sorted and taking the car in for a service. The kitchen is now complete, obviously we still need to decorate but we now have a working kitchen again 😀

On Friday we went across to Birmingham to have the car serviced at Motor Mech which went pretty well. It was the first time I’d taken it there but Paul was very friendly and told me lots of little things that need doing. I wanted Paul to fit the Squadra chip at the same time but unfortunately my wife got a bit bored walking around Birmingham and wanted to get back and see her new kitchen. I asked Paul to skip fitting the chip and just do the service which he was more than happy to do. So, today I fitted the chip myself (with a little help from my friends) which was reasonably easy although getting the ECU open is really quite difficult. I still haven’t had a chance to fully test it so although I have given it a little run and there is definitely more power there!

Back to work tomorrow, it feels like I’ve been off for ages. We have a new employee starting tomorrow too.

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