Kitchen Holiday

What a strange title for a post I hear you cry.. I couldn’t think of any sensible name for a post about a day off work to do some DIY involving redoing our kitchen so that’s what we’ve got!

When you run your own business or are a key member within an organisation you don’t really get holidays as I was reminded several times today. Partly my fault I guess as I hadn’t informed clients that I was on holiday and I’m normally first choice for them to call rather than my colleagues. The new office will surely help each of us get a holiday when we need one rather than just a day that we aren’t sat in front of our machines but still constantly doing work related tasks.

Well the DIY didn’t quite go as planned as the plumber didn’t turn up, do they ever? We were expecting the plumber at lunch time and he had ‘promised’ he’d be there… at 5 0’clock he phoned to say he was stuck on another job and will be arriving tomorrow morning to do the work. We’ll see. Other than that we managed to rip out most of the old units, remove loads of tiles from the walls return a new kitchen unit that had been delivered broken and buy a new back door. Buy a new back door, that sounds easy, well it wasn’t. We went to the DIY store and picked up the door which we had chosen weeks ago and were pleased to notice last week that they had reduced the price by 30, great we thought. So, we buy said door and all the extras we needed to fit it and the bill comes to a surprising amount considering I was paying with a large amount of gift vouchers left over from our wedding last year. As we are walking across the car park I stop and check the receipt to investigate where all the money went.. We’d been charged the previous price for the door, not the reduced price, so we headed back in the shop. Simple, we think, return to the customer services desk, get our money back. It must have taken about 30 minutes to get the 30 refunded, I would explain the full story but you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway, it was that ridiculous.

Well, on with DIY tomorrow… Hopefully the plumber will turn up.

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