WordPress Upgrade

Well, I finally upgraded to the current version of WordPress after running with the old 1.5 version for some time. One of the reasons it took me so long to get around to doing the upgrade was how complicated the upgrade seemed. Why does it have to be so complicated? Backup this, disable this, delete everything (apart from this, that, the other and maybe that if you’re using this), copy everything back over (apart from this and maybe that but deffinately this), then run the upgrade script, re-enable this then that :S

Well, I’ve done it now so that’s that over with for a while, I hope!

The website development process

Being an internet developer myself, I found this very amusing and rather cool The Website Development Process

It never seems to go that smoothly though 😉

Hear me now

Some new Last.fm features today prompted me to search out a WordPress Plugin for RSS. I settled for RSS Import in the end which although all the info is in German was pretty simple to setup. I now have my recent tracks displayed in the sidebar 🙂

Enjoy the extra knowledge you have about me.. 😛

First thoughts of the Humax PVR-9200t

Not sure when it was released but I ordered the new Humax PVR-9200t as soon as I saw it was available. Now, I’ve been really impressed with my 8000t and looking forward to this new version but I have to say there are good things and bad things. I wont bother with quoting standard features as good things, just additionals that I/you wouldn’t necessarily know.

Firstly the good things –

  • EPG Guide now displays the currently watched program in preview picture (PIP kinda thing) with the audio
  • The display on the front of new box displays the currently viewed channel name rather than number, simple but very nice

Next the bad things –

  • The new remote is bulky and is cheap plastic
  • The new remote doesn’t control your TV anymore
  • There doesn’t appear to be a quick way to get to the recorded programs list now, there used to be an eject button, not anymore UPDATE: Found this now. Under the flap of the remote there is a button that resembles a list which actually takes you to the recorded programes list.. very unintuitive, but at least it’s there.

More to follow I suspect but I haven’t had a full play with it yet.

One last thing… I’ve now got about 60GB of programmes on my 8000t with no apparent way of getting it onto my 9200t, bummer 😦

Suspicious behaviour on the tube

This is unbelievable. My business partner is going to London tomorrow to install some new equipment in our hosting facility, he is now NOT taking his laptop!

Suspicious behaviour on the tube

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