Is Anybody There?

The simple answer is “yes”, the long answer is the purpose of this post 🙂

I really hadn’t realised it had been so long since my last post, some 20 months it would seem.  So, why the lack of content? What have I been up to? I guess the main reason for the lack of posts, is simply lack of time.  I now have 2 children so family life is pretty hectic these days so I rarely get the chance to sit down and write. If I’m honest, I guess I’ve taken my eye off the ball as well, so to some extent I’ve not written anything because I really haven’t thought too much about doing it!

So, my family has grown, that’s the main reason, and for that I’m truly pleased as punch as my family means the world to me.  It does mean that I have less time for things like this, but that’s a sacrifice worth making. Work has also changed a lot over the last couple of years, we’ve downsized our operation and moved premises. We’ve also been working on a new project for the last year which has taken us in a different direction, which I’ll say more about in an upcoming post.

That’s that really, things have changed, I’ve no doubt changed, but I promise to make the effort to get back in to this.

(It also didn’t help that this domain has been suspended for the last 8 months due to some stupid ICANN verification which was sent via email to an email address from 15 years… but that’s a whole different story)

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