BBCode for Google Picasaweb images

If, like me, you post links to your Picasaweb images on forums, you’ll probably have scratched your head in the past and wondered why Google doesn’t include a ‘BBCode’ option in it’s ‘Link to this photo’ section on the right hand side.

So, I thought I’d knock up a quick bookmarklet to achieve this, basically if you copy the code below as the location for a bookmark in your bookmark bar, you can click it to swap out the standard ‘Embed image’ code for BBCode for insertion to forums.

Here you go –

  var s=document.getElementById('lhid_snippet');
    s.value='[url='+document.location.href+'][img]'+/<img src="([^"]+)"\/>/i.exec(s.value)[1]+'[/img][/url]'};

(you’ll need to get it back one line, it wont format correctly here as one line)
Enjoy 🙂

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