My name in lights

… well, not quite.

A week has passed since I email The Register about the AVG logfile spam problems, but, after lots of emails between myself and their Internet Editor, they’re now running the story.

I’m a little annoyed that they don’t acknowledge that I brought this to their attention, but ah well. All I really wanted to do was let the community know that this happening and see if together we can sort this.

I’m really pleased to see that an employee from AVG has stepped up within the comments of the article on El Reg and wants to work with us (webmasters/site owners) to see if we can improve the situation. I’ve already emailed them and await a response.

I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to “My name in lights”

  1. DoesWhat Says:

    It’s very cheeky for The Register to claim…

    “Early last month, webmasters here at The Reg noticed an unexpected spike in our site traffic.”

  2. osblues Says:

    Yeah, I did email them about it. Cade said –’ll see in the lead to the piece that we were aware of this. It was causing us huge problems. But indeed you made the piece happen, because I also needed an outside source.”

    So, it’s fine, I think, although Drew (Editor in Chief) seemed completely unaware of it when I emailed him to start with.

    I guess therefore that they were aware, just not fully aware of it’s overall impact.

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