More vista annoyances

Well, I’ve been using vista now for long enough to have experienced a few of it’s annoyances –

  • Why when I leaved my wired connection in the office and then try to connect to my wireless connection at home later do I have to restart the machine in order for it to pick up the access point? Turning the wireless off then on again doesn’t help, putting the laptop in and out of sleep doesn’t help either. This was not an issue in XP.
  • Why when my network connection (wired or wireless) has a slight blip (which it seems to do regularly) does vista insist on popping up a dial-up networking box (usually at the bottom of the window stack) asking me to connect via my phone over bluetooth? There doesn’t seem to be anyway of disabling that dial-up connection so that this doesn’t happen, I don’t want to delete it as I do use it from time to time! Again, not an issue in XP.

So, both network related. On a brighter note, I’m really pleased with the way vista seems to connect to and authenticate to, remote machines via UNC paths. On XP this was a real pain, you’d type in a path, wait a number of minutes for an authentication dialog, enter your credentials then wait a further extended length of time. This now seems almost instant on vista which is really nice.

UPDATE: I think I may have fixed the second one, while in ‘Network and Internet > Network Connections’ I right clicked the dial-up connection (looking for a disable option) and saw an option for ‘Cancel as default connection’ option, let’s hope that fixes it!

UPDATE: It didn’t 😦

So, what’s annoying you with vista?

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