I switched over to using postgrey on all mail yesterday rather than just certain domains (Yahoo/MSN other webmail etc.) and although it’s drastically reduced my spam, it’s also lost a couple of emails 😦

I’ll have to revert to my initial plan of upping my greylisting to dynamic IP/dsl pool clients in addition to initial domain filter. I do this via a couple of PCRE checks on client access which seems to work quite well.

The 2 emails that I lost, in case you’re interested were, 1 from Apple (usual enews stuff from them) and my weekly email from codeproject. The apple one did retry at a later date but somewhere between postfix, DSPAM and my ‘real’ mail server it’s disappeared! The codeproject one seemed to retry twice more literally seconds after the first attempt and then just gave up.

This is exactly the reason I didn’t go with greylisting everything to start with, it’s a shame really as it’s actually a very good idea, it’s just a shame that some mailers don’t seem to work with it.

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