Using firefox with Visual Web Developer

One of the things that’s been really annoying me as that I’ve been forced to use IE to test pages with the ASP.NET Development Server. This is due to NTLM for authentication to the site. However by following the instructions in the link below, firefox now works 🙂 (the comma separated list of servers just needs to be localhost, although I did add my machine name too)
Firefox and Sharepoint

Learning ASP.Net 2.0

I’m currently trying to learn ASP.Net 2.0 using the new Visual Web Developer Express IDE. This is kind of different for me as I’ve been a classic ASP developer for many a year now and have always use a text editor for all my development. I’m guessing the best way to approach this is to take an existing ASP solution which I have previously written and try to rewrite it in .Net which is of course a completely different way of thinking. If anyone has any suggestions of good books/sites or anything I should be using then let me know.