Better today

I’m feeling much better today, woke up still feeling a little under the weather but definitely better. Talking of weather, we had snow over night and it was still showering with snow in the morning. I knew I had to drive to Leicester to pick up my business partner so was rather concerned about the state of the roads. I decided to just go for it only to find my ABS light came on straight away and rather worryingly stayed on for the entire journey. I’m not quite sure why the light came on, I can only assume it had detected a fault with the brakes (probably something frozen) and had come on to warn me of that, it cleared on a subsequent journey anyway. We headed straight back to Cov pretty soon after I arrived as we had no milk at his place 😦 We had our scheduled exit interview for our departing employee which went OK, it was more of a chat over a pint really which is probably how things like that should be.

Kitchen is now really coming along although today threw up a couple of surprises. Firstly I came home at one point today to find my father and the builders mopping up large amounts of water from the kitchen floor… they had managed to burst a radiator pipe an half flood the kitchen! Secondly my father called me later in the day to tell me he’d discovered a slight miscalculation in the units we had purchased for the new kitchen. Basically a 1000mm corner base unit isn’t actually 1000mm as it needs to situated 400mm from the wall! I therefore had to call in to the DIY store on the way home to purchase a replacement cabinet that we could swap out further along the run of units to reduce the space appropriately.

Work wise, today went pretty well as I managed to do some chargeable work this afternoon which is very rare for a Wednesday as these are normally our ‘management catch-up days’ which although necessary rarely produce chargeable work.

Not feeling great

Yesterday late afternoon I started to feel extreme hunger pains which seemed very odd as I had well throughout the day. Pains continued after I’d eaten my evening meal (admittedly it was a kebab so I did kinda asked for it) so I went to bed really early. I didn’t sleep very well as the pains persisted but felt a bit better this morning when I got up. I’m still not feeling 100% now but feel better than I did this time last night.

The kitchen is coming along really nicely now and all the building work and majority of the plastering is now complete. The new units are going in tomorrow so it may resemble a kitchen again soon!

I finally ordered the chip for the coup yesterday which has now been dispatched. I really do hope it arrives in time to have it fitted on Friday.

Watching TV

There we were happily watching TV last night when all of a sudden the TV blew up! Great, now we have to find the money to buy a new telly. I’m thinking the new chip for my coup will have to go on hold 😦

More Power!

I’ve been looking into chipping my coup for a while now and was at first considering a superchip. Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting more involved in the UK Fiat Coup Forums and came across this post about the squadra chip which really does say how good the Squadra chip is. I’m having the coup serviced by iceberg next Friday and really want to have him help me fit it while it’s there. I really need to get it ordered to get it in time!