Remote Flying with VR Goggles and a Camera

This is truly amazing – Remote Flying with VR Goggles and a Camera

I want one 🙂

New iTunes importing fails

Well so much for the latest iTunes 7, I’ve just tried to import a CD with the new version and it errors on the second track 😦

Further investigation reveals that if I turn off the “play tracks while importing” option, it all imports fine. How annoying, do they not actually test these things before releasing them?

UPDATE: You can’t actually play anything at all while it’s importing, just throws an import error as soon as you click play!

GetAbsoluteURL (.net)

I needed a way to easily convert a relative URL to an absolute URL for a link within a project I’m currently working on. I imagined I’d have to roll something myself and was starting to think it would have to be pretty complex… then .net suprised me 😉

Public Function GetAbsoluteUrl(ByVal currUrl As String, _
ByVal relUrl As String) As String
Dim baseUrl As New Uri(currUrl)
Dim destUrl As New Uri(baseUrl, relUrl)
Return destUrl.AbsoluteUri
End Function

Now that is nifty 🙂